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Palmetto Heath has assembled an exceptional team of orthopaedic surgeons to care for our guests. Committed to providing guests with the highest level of care, these experienced surgeons tend to patients with everything from complex trauma cases to more common injuries such as slipped discs. Along with outstanding doctors, a dedicated team of thoughtful nurses and support staff are on hand to help comfort patients with orthopaedic-related injuries or conditions.

Palmetto Health Orthopaedic Specialists:


At Palmetto Health, we recognize that problems concerning the musculoskeletal system can be debilitating, and that it is important for patients to receive accurate diagnoses and excellent treatment and rehabilitation. Palmetto Health Musculoskeletal Centers of Excellence is a unique program offering a comprehensive treatment continuum with the goal of returning our patients to normal function as quickly and safely as possible. 

To reach this goal, the medical team at the Musculoskeletal Centers of Excellence uses a comprehensive approach to the prevention, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal (bone and muscle) injuries. Our talented, compassionate team of medical professionals works with each patient and their primary care physician to develop a treatment plan specifically for that patient. By combining extensive clinical expertise with a caring treatment philosophy, we have created a program known for its quality of care.


The term "musculoskeletal" refers to the collective body system of muscles, bones and cartilage. The health experts at Palmetto Health Musculoskeletal Services specialize in:

  • Joint replacements
  • Spine care
  • Sports medicine
  • Hand care
  • Foot and ankle care
  • Pediatric orthopaedics
  • Rehabilitative services