Enterprise e-Alert System

What is the e-Alert System?

e-Alert is a real time event notification application designed to deliver high priority communications through a pop-up instant message at your computer.

What does an e-Alert look like?

The image below shows you want an e-Alert will look like on your computer. The alert will be a clickable link to a web page of information about the alert.

What do I do when I see an e-Alert pop up?

Click on the blue text of the alert and read the information on the web page.

Will the alerts affect what I am working on at my computer?

The alerts are designed not to interfere with any application you may be using when an alert is sent out over the network to all computers at your campus. The alert will remain active until the alert has been clicked or the window closed.

Will e-Alerts appear on all computers?

No. e-Alerts will appear on all Palmetto Health computers that login to the RMH domain. There may be vendor computers or special medical devices that will not get an e-Alert message.

Can I see this emergency information from home?

Yes. You won't get a pop-up message on your computer, but if you hear about an emergency situation, you can check the emergency information web page for the latest alert bulletin. From your browser, go to You will see any global alert on that page, or you can click on any of the links on the left for any campus-specific emergency information.

What kind of message will be broadcast by the e-Alert system?

The e-Alert system is designed only for emergency situations or mission critical notifications. These could be for electrical outages, system outages, weather related emergencies, security emergencies, or campus-related messages such as an on-site JCAHO visit.

Who manages the e-Alert system?

The messages broadcast through the e-Alert system are managed by personnel from the Emergency Preparedness Committee, Marketing & Communications, and Information Technology. Designated personnel have received training and are able to originate an emergency message. The e-Alert system and the desktop agents are managed by Information Technology.

If I have questions, whom should I contact?

Please contact the Emergency Preparedness Committee via e-mail or call the Help Desk.