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Adolescent Addiction Recovery

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The teenage years are supposed to be fun, but sometimes what begins as fun can turn into a real problem. Peer pressure may be hard to resist, and substance abuse or addiction can result, even in good kids with good parents. If you're concerned that your teen's experimenting has gone too far, you owe it to your family to learn more.

Palmetto Health's Adolescent Addiction Recovery Center offers two treatment options for teens stuggling with substance use or abuse:

TASK, Teens Acquiring Skills Through Knowledge is an 8-week educational series designed to help teens with knowledge about alcohol and drug abuse and equip them with valuable skills to resist the temptation of substance abuse. 

The Intensive Outpatient Program meets daily Monday– Thursday. The program involves adolescent appropriate individual, family and group therapy along with traditional 12-step involvement to help your teen establish a clean and sober lifestyle, and address any emotional and/or behavioral issues associated with his/her drug use. Your teen will be seen weekly by a physician and randomly drug tested. Each teen is placed on medical homebound and receives daily instruction from a certified teacher. The typical length of the program is 8–10 weeks. 

Identifying substance abuse in adolescents can be difficult. Normal adolescent development brings about physical, emotional and behavioral changes that can mimic or mask the effects of drug or alcohol use. Here are some warning signs to look for:

  • personality change, irritability
  • withdrawal from family and/or school activities
  • disrespect for family rules
  • drop in grades, absences from school
  • change in friends or style of dress
  • disappearance of valuable items or money
  • red or glazed eyes, constant cough
  • spending a lot of time in their rooms
  • lying about activities

We know substance abuse affects not only the child, but the whole family. We can help your child, and your family, get your life back. For more information or a free confidential assessment at 803.296.6829.