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The following physicians have medical staff privileges at Palmetto Health Baptist:

Paul Aitchison, MD
Henry C. Black
Douglas M. Bull, MD
Wesley S. Conwell, MD
Frederick W. Dreyer III, MD
Samuel E. Friedman, MD
Jeanette C. Fulton, MD
John E. Garrick, MD
Edward A. Gize, MD
Harry S. Harden, MD 
Charles M. Heaton, MD
Charles R. Hubbard Jr., MD
Derek P. Jakes, MD
Sheila B. Jones, MD 
John W. Lauver, MD
Lawrence R. Lough, MD
Mark A. Lovern, MD
Jason C. Lynn, MD
Matthew A. Marcus, MD
Douglas M. McConnell, MD
William D. Meredith, MD 
Francis H. Neuffer, MD
William J. Savoca, MD
Thomas D. Silvester, MD 
John A. Vadaparampil, MD
Robert L. Waldron II, MD
Bartlett J. Witherspoon Jr., MD