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Oncology Services

The following physicians have medical staff privileges at Palmetto Health Richland:

Ackerman, Mary A., MD                      
Babcock, William H., MD                   
Baldwin, Phillip E., MD                                      
Boulware, Raleigh J., MD                                                                      
Clowney, Billy W., MD                                        
Ezekiel, Mark P., MD                                                                                                                             
Korrapati, Vijaya, MD                                          
Kudrik, Fred J., MD                                             
Lambert-Falls, Rosemary, MD                        
McElveen, Leland J., MD                   
Mushtaq, Chaudhry M., MD                               
Neglia, William J., MD                                       
Ravita, John S., MD                                            
Smith, Robert E., Jr., MD                                 
Wells, James R., MD                                         
Wise, Rudolph L., MD                                        
Witherspoon, Bartlett J., Jr., MD       
Wright, Ben W., Jr., MD