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Emergency Medicine

The following physicians have medical staff privileges at Palmetto Health Richland:

Ahern, Matthew T., DO
Anderson, Christopher A., MD 
Bloch, Amy J., MD
Bloch, Scott A., MD
Brown, Daniel C., MD
Brown, Eric A., MD    
Brown, Heather A., MD                    
Campbell, Joseph A., MD  
Clarkson, Francis A., MD              
Cook, Thomas P., MD                     
Cruea, Steven L., MD 
Davis, Danielle E., MD 
Davis, Cale M., MD                       
Ford, David T., MD                         
Fuerst, Ronnie S., MD    
Gainey, Christopher E., MD                 
Gerard, William C., MD       
Grambos, Zachary T., MD
Hals, Gary D., MD                          
Harvey, Allison L., MD                   
Hunt, Patrick S., MD                       
Jennings, William R., Jr., MD           
Johnson, Jeremy N., DO                  
Jones, Scot H., MD   
Kiker, Zachary P., MD                
Lloyd, Vincent J., MD 
Martin, Gina A., MD                      
Meadows, Robin S., MD
McHugh, Terrance P., MD     
Morrow, Dustin S., MD                      
Myslinski, Joseph S., MD
Noltkamper, Daniel F., MD   
Nolting, Laura A., MD  
Orville, Stephen W., MD   
Owens, William B., MD
Plaza, Jose L., MD
Porres, Paul J., DO                                   
Privette, Troy W., Jr., MD               
Raymond, James I., MD                              
Richardson, William H., MD            
Ridley, Stephen F., MD                    
Robinson, John G., MD   
Robinson, Spencer F., DO  
Sammons, Hubert D., MD         
Shelton, Stephen L., MD                  
Stanfield, Stephen C., MD                
Stewart, Nathaniel J., Jr., MD          
Taylor, Jeter P., III, MD                              
Wade, Michael D., MD     
Warner, Frederick T., MD       
Wendell, Richard P., MD
Wenning, Derick, MD