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Health Education & Disease Prevention

Whether it's work or lifestyle related, the simplest and most cost effective way to prevent illness and injury is through proper training and education.  HealthWorks offers the following onsite preventive services to ensure a safe and healthy workplace:

Onsite Health Assessment

Health Risk Appraisal (HRA) 
Height and Weight 
Body Mass Index (BMI) 
Blood Pressure 
Laboratory Tests — Lipid profile, Metabolic profile, Thyroid panel, CBC and optional PSA 
Health Education Follow-up 

Health Coaching

Health Coaching is an individualized approach to helping clients identify and reach health improvement goals. Health Works health coaches are educators with training and experience in health education who understand lifestyle behaviors that lead to increased health risks and how to lower these risks through practical but effective behavior change. Health Coaching adds motivation, accountability, awareness, education, focus and practicality to an individual's behavior change endeavors.

What's included?
The 20–30 minute coaching session results in a Personal Wellness Plan in which the coach and participant together: 

  • Review the Health Assessment results
  • Develop health improvement goal/s
  • Draft short and long-term objectives and timeline to achieve them
  • Create an Action List of weekly objectives
  • Determine barriers to positive change and how to break them
  • Create personal rewards for achieving and maintaining objectives and goals
  • Sign a contract committing the client to the Personal Wellness Plan

Health Education

Our lunch-n-Learn programs (30 and 60 minute classes) include the following topics as well as topics by request:

 • Cardiovascular Disease

 • Blood Pressure

 • Nutrition

 • Skin Cancer

 • Exercise

 • Smoking Cessation

 • Diabetes

 • Cholesterol


 • Stress Management

 • Weight Management

 • Healthy Lifestyles

 • Headache

 • Demand Management/Self Care

 • Prostate Cancer


Healthy Links

Calculate Your BMI 

Eat Healthy

Get Moving!

Health Resources  

For more information about HealthWorks' Preventive Services, call (803) 296.5445.