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Diversity Business Defined

Small Local Business/Minority-Owned Business/Female-Owned Business Defined

It is Palmetto Health’s intent to create opportunities to work with small, minority-owned and female-owned local businesses. Palmetto Health defines these types of businesses based upon established state and federal guidelines.

Small Business
A business enterprise is classified as small if the firm meets the Small business Administration’s (SBA’s) size standard.

Minority-Owned Business and Female-Owned Business
A business is classified as minority-owned if the company is at least 51 percent owned, controlled and operated by one or more individuals from a minority group such as African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans. A female-owned business meets the criteria if the company is at least 51 percent owned, controlled and operated by a woman or women.

Business Registration Process
Registering your business with the Palmetto Health program is simple.

  • Step One – Registration

Businesses interested in registering with this program are required to complete online registration with VendorMate. The Business Profile provides information about your business to the Palmetto Health purchasing agent.

To complete a registration form, go to Vendor Information.

What should I do if my company is not certified?  Contact one of the approved Palmetto Health certification programs to begin the process: 

Carolinas Minority Supplier Development Council
Lincoln Center
10400 Mallard Creek Road
Suite 206
Charlotte, NC 28262 (link)
(704) 549-1000
(704) 549-1616 Fax

Governor’s Office of Small & Minority Business Assistance
1205 Pendleton Street
Suite 440 A
Columbia , SC 29201 (link)
(803) 734-5010
(803) 734-2498 Fax

I know a qualified company, but they do not have access to the internet. What should they do? 
Businesses without internet access should call the Palmetto Health Corporate Purchasing Department at (803) 296-2321 and request that a Business Registration Packet be sent through the mail.

  • Step Two – Database Input

Your online registration will be up loaded into the Business Database.

Please note: Entry into the Business Database does not guarantee business opportunities. It does guarantee that purchasing agents within Palmetto Health will have access to your company’s information.

  • Step Three – Notification

·        Upon receipt of your mailed profile, your business will receive confirmation (by mail or e-mail).

·        When a system need arises, a purchasing agent will query the Palmetto Health Business Database for potential sources.

·        Qualified businesses will be contacted and at that time will be required to submit documentation confirming that they qualify as a small local, minority-owned or a female-owned business.