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Palmetto Health Richland Women's Services is dedicated to meeting women's health needs throughout all phases of life, from young womanhood to childbirth to menopause.

Women's Services leads the way in women's health care by offering...

  • a full range of childbirth services, from prenatal classes to the latest in labor and delivery techniques to the best post-natal care for mom and baby
  • comprehensive breast health services, including mammography and stereotactic needle biopsy
  • staff gynecologists and obstetricians who offer the latest in diagnostic and treatment methods, including hysterectomies
  • diagnostic labs for prenatal procedures such as amniocentesis, genetics testing and counseling, CVS (early diagnostic tool for your baby) and ultrasound

At Birthplace at Palmetto Health Richland, mothers-to-be are offered a team of clinical experts to support them during labor, delivery and the recovery phase, and the hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit offers the highest level of newborn critical care available in the Midlands.

Palmetto Health Richland leads the Midlands as a major center for prenatal diagnoses and management of high-risk pregnancies, attracting patients from throughout the Midlands of South Carolina for specialized testing and procedures such as ultrasounds.

Birthplace at Palmetto Health Richland is a Regional Center of Excellence, allowing mothers-to-be access to the best medical and nursing care in the Carolinas.

Whether you prefer natural childbirth, some assistance from anesthesia, infant rooming-in or nursery care of their babies, mothers can choose the form of delivery and recovery they wish after discussing appropriate options with their obstetricians and pediatricians.

Lactation consultants offer one-on-one help for mothers who choose to breast feed. Our Boutique has a complete line of breastfeeding accessories.  Education classes help parents and siblings-to-be prepared for the arrival and for taking care of baby after birth.