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Day of Surgery

Arrival Time

Your surgeon will inform you of the time you should arrive at the center. This time is different than the time of your scheduled surgery. Upon arrival please check in with the receptionist at the front.

Check-in time usually is one hour prior to surgery, unless your surgeon instructs you differently. Please be prompt.  We strive to keep your waiting time to a minimum, however, depending upon bed availability, operating room availability, and/or your surgeon, some delays may be unavoidable.

Length of Stay 

The time you will be at the surgery center will vary and depends on several factors. These factors include your check-in time, time in the pre-operative area, the length of your procedure and the time in recovery. Typically, most procedure stays from start-to-finish range from 4-to-5 hours.

While in Pre-op

After you have checked in, your pre-operative nurse will escort you to your room, called a bay. You will be required to remove all of your articles of clothing, including undergarments, dentures and contact lenses. You will be given a hospital gown to wear and warm blankets to help keep you comfortable.

You will meet your anesthesiologist who will review your medical history, ask you questions, provide answers to your questions and will discuss your anesthesia plan. You may also have a nurse anesthetist who you will meet as well. Your spouse or responsible adult may be present with you.

Your nurse, who will be present with you during your procedure, will greet you and ask many of the same questions. We believe repetition with questions and the personal care provided to you helps to ensure a very good experience for you.

Arrival in the Operating Room

Your OR nurse and anesthesiologist/nurse anesthetist will escort you to your room. You will be asked to move onto a specially equipped OR table. You will be given medications according to your anesthesia plan. We pride ourselves in providing you with very good care.