I was a patient in the Hartwell Suite (Room 6053) from August 30th until Sept. 6th and I wish to commend the nurses and other staff for the the treatment and care that I received. They went out of their way to ensure, as much as possible under the circumstances, that I and members of my family were comfortable and that our needs were attended to promptly.

I don't recall the names of all of the nurses that cared for me during my stay but I do recall Palmisa, Lynn, and Heidi. Their professionalism and their attention to my medical and emotional needs is to be commended. They not only performed their jobs in a professional manner but they also made me feel as though I truly mattered to them.

I sincerely appreciate the care that I received at Palmetto Health Heart Hospital.

Paul D. Sandifer

Palmetto Health Heart Hospital is built upon a rich history of medical excellence that has been established for years at Palmetto Health Richland. This new facility takes that strong foundation for heart care and puts it all in one building to ease access to these vital services.

To provide the highest standard of care and highest level of responsiveness to our patients, physicians, and staff, we continuously collect and report objective quality data. We gather this information on process and outcomes and use it to compare ourselves to other facilities and with the latest research based care.