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Resources in Spiritual Formation


butterfly and cross logo     The Mission Statement of Palmetto Health states that we are "committed to improving the physical, emotional and spiritual health of all individuals and communities we serve; to providing care with excellence and compassion; and, to working with others who share our fundamental commitment to improving the human condition."  The commitment to improving the "spiritual health of all individuals and communities we serve" is recognition of the great importance of spirituality in the life, health and well-being of the people we serve.

     Palmetto Health Counseling's Resources in Spiritual Formation emphasizes the relationship between spirituality and health, particularly the role of prayer and meditation in one’s overall spiritual, physical and psychological well-being.

     We seek to foster the integration of spirituality and health through education, research and spiritual  guidance to individuals and groups in seminars, workshops and retreats.

What Is Spirituality?


     Spirituality concerns more than a person’s specifically religious beliefs and practices. Many people have no formal religious affiliation, but each has spirituality. Spirituality addresses the whole life of people in all of their life dimensions (self, relationships, work and family). It describes, not just one’s relationship with God (the Sacred, the Divine, the Transcendent) or one’s faith community, but also one’s relations with self, with the others of one’s world, and with life in general. Spirituality addresses the spiritual (i.e., the intellectual, moral, emotional, and  relational) growth, development and overall health and well-being of people and the communities in which they live.

     Spiritual guidance or direction is a ministry of fostering another’s spiritual growth and development in individual or group sessions that focus on one’s relationships with others and the Sacred with special emphasis on growth in self-knowledge, the life of prayer and faith. In the Palmetto Health Counseling Centers, spiritual guidance is  provided to both individuals and groups. 

Retreats, Workshops and Prayer Days 


     One of resources we offer are retreats, seminars, workshops and prayer days for churches, volunteer organizations, businesses and other community groups. Primary areas of emphasis are Spirituality and Health, Spiritual Guidance, and the Life of Prayer.

Additional specific areas of interest:

Spirituality and Health

  • Aging                          
  • Building relationships 
  • Communication skills               
  • Conflict management               
  • Living a consonant life in harmony with self, others and God
  • Marriage and family
  • Personal growth
  • Stress management
  • Work integrity

The Art and Discipline of Spiritual Guidance

  • Dynamics of spiritual formation
  • Individual and group spiritual guidance (direction)
  • Discernment: Discovering God’s will for my life
  • Prayer as presence and praxis as social justice

Prayer and Spirituality

  • Formative reading of sacred scripture and the spiritual classics
  • History of Christian spirituality
  • Spirituality in a diverse culture, world spiritualities
  • Centering prayer, Christian meditation and contemplation

To reach Danny Garnett, D.Min., department director, you may call (803) 296-5879 or e-mail