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Marital Health Resources

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Marital Health Resouces offers programs, services and consultation to couples and faith groups targeting a wide variety of needs and issues that couples face today. We can serve couples preparing for marriage and those who are seeking to strengthen ongoing marriages.

Our mission is to support and strengthen the health of marriages through premarital programs, counseling, skill-based educational events and research. In addition, the we also offer consultation and services to support the work of faith groups, judicatories and congregations.

couple with dogPremarital Preparation

For couples preparing for marriage, we can help you get off to a good start by providing you information on the qualities of healthy marriages and introducing you to healthy relational skills that can help you and your spouse build a solid foundation for future years.

Marriage Counseling

Every relationship needs time and help to incorporate new behaviors and skills into day-to-day communication and interaction. Counseling provides this help so you and your spouse can step back, identify the patterns that are not working, and then learn and integrate new, healthier ways of relating.

Conferences and Retreats

Education programs are scheduled throughout the year. These programs are designed to explore issues and needs of young, middle age and older adult couples. We design and present programs that address selected issues for churches, church groups, and community organizations.


Palmetto Health Counseling's Marital Resources offers consultation services to judicatories, denominations and churches when there is a desire or need to design and enhance ministries for couples.

To more information, call us at 803-296-5879.