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Resources for Children & Families

 Ever wish your child had come with an instruction manual?

Sometimes it's difficult to know how to talk with our children even though we know they are experiencing many of the same problems we faced growing up. It's not always easy to distinguish between normal self-expression and the signals telling you professional help is needed.

Consider seeking help from our Resources for Children & Families if your child is experiencing any of the following problems:

Our counselors meet with children in both individual and family counseling settings. We tailor treatment to meet the needs of each child and family.

The Children's Program can help you guide your child through issues concerning...

Behavioral Management

  • ADHD stack of books
  • anger management
  • separation anxiety
  • self-control
  • peer pressure

Family Changes

  • divorce
  • single parenting
  • remarriage
  • step-families
  • changing needs of children moving from preadolescence to teen years

Persistent Sadness

  • depression
  • trauma
  • abuse
  • unhealthy or unrealistic body images
  • feelings of isolation

Personal Parenting

  • balancing work, marriage and parenting roles
  • bedtime issues
  • building parent-child relationships
  • homework hassles
  • managing sibling rivalry
  • supporting your "square peg" child in a "round hole" world
  • transigions as children leave home

We offer consultation or training to school counselors, child-care workers, church staff, physicians and other professionals who work with children, preadolescents and teens.