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Cardiac Rehabilitation


As part of our Heart Hospital services, we offer a comprehensive lifestyle management program for cardiac patients, individuals at risk for developing heart disease, and people interested in a medically supervised exercise program. Our program is staffed by:

  • exercise specialists trained in developing programs for cardiac patients
  • registered nurses certified in advanced cardiac life support
  • a dietitian
  • vocational rehabilitation personnel

A referral or written permission from a physician is required prior to joining Cardiac Rehabilitation.

Phase I Cardiac Rehabilitation

Phase I begins during hospitalization after a heart event or surgery. Education is important during this phase, with emphasis on identifying and changing certain factors that may place the patient at greater risk. Patient educators work closely with the supervising physician, and place special emphasis on lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and medication.

Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation

Typically lasting up to 12 weeks, this structured program is for those who have recently experienced a cardiac problem or hospitalization. Individualized exercise and education programs are designed to help particpants learn how to reduce risk factors for future health problems.

Phase III Cardiac RehabilitationGroup on Treadmill

This lifetime maintenance program helps participants continue heart healthy habits. Exercise is still medically supervised and monitored. Phase III is open to anyone interested in a medically based exercise program.


A variety of topics are offered to heart disease patients and their families. Some topics include:

  • the heart disease process
  • medications
  • risk factor modifications
  • exercise
  • weight control
  • nutrition
  • stress management

Nutritional Information

The Heart Hospital's dietitian teaches participants and their families how to make heart healthy dietary changes. Individual and group instruction is provided, as well as information and counseling for very low-fat and vegetarian diets.

Stress Management

Stress management and relaxation sessions are offered on a regular basis for interested participants.

Program Hours

Exercise, counseling, and educational sessions are held weekday mornings and evenings. For more information, call 803-434-6966.