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Subacute Rehabilitation Center

After surgery, injury or illness, getting back on your feet is not always easy. Palmetto Health Baptist offers a complete continuum of care through its on-site Subacute Rehabilitation Center. Rather than having to move to another facility for rehabilitative care, our patients have the option of staying at Palmetto Health Baptist for the care they need.

Located on the 6th floor of Palmetto Health Baptist, the 22-bed Subacute Rehabilitation Center provides active treatment services in a therapeutic environment. These services include daily nursing care and rehabilitative therapy to facilitate the recovery of the Center’s medically stable patients. The Subacute Rehabilitation Center can also be utilized as a step-down facility for patients being discharged from the acute care setting at Palmetto Health Baptist or other acute care hospitals. Patients admitted to the facility demonstrate high rehabilitation potential and usually can be discharged within 14 days.

Advantages of Subacute Rehabilitation Center

The proximity of the Subacute Rehabilitation Center to the hospital's acute care services is reassuring to physicians, patients and families. Once there, active rehabilitation may begin to help speed a patient’s recovery. The Subacute Rehabilitation Center also allows for immediate transfer back to the hospital’s acute care if needed.

What you need to know about the Subacute Rehabilitation Center

  • Majority of patients are admitted after orthopaedic surgery, often joint replacement surgery
  • Neurological diagnoses are the second most common reason for admission
  • The Center features are 22 private rooms and serves 520 patients each year
  • We offer physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapies
  • We accept Medicare and private insurance (we are not certified to accept Medicaid)

Treatment Plan

A treatment plan is developed by the patient’s physician and administered in conjunction with the staff of the Subacute Rehabilitation Center. It is important to realize that your personal physician may or may not follow you during rehab. Carey Hite, MD of Three Rivers Medical or another physician from the practice will follow you if your physician so chooses. Dr. Hite is board certified in Family Medicine and Internal Medicine and has been a member of the medical staff since 1986. Your surgeon or orthopedist also will be listed as your consulting physician. Referring physicians may continue to manage their patients at the Subacute Rehabilitation Center .

Therapy Room

In addition to competent and enthusiastic nursing staff, the center features physical and occupational therapists experienced in this phase of rehabilitation. Highly skilled team leaders guide patients through a variety of therapies to restore the patient’s independence as quickly as possible. Patients receive therapies as ordered. Also, the satellite therapy location makes it convenient for patients to walk to daily therapy with minimal assistance.

Dining Room

A large, cheery dining room also is a feature of the Center. Here, patients can eat their meals while enjoying the company of other patients and their families. To foster independence, patients are encouraged to take their meals in the dining room.

The dining room also serves as a spacious activities area staffed by a full-time activities director with assistance from nursing personnel, students and volunteers. The activities director works with individuals and groups in an effort to further their recovery through fun and stimulating activities. These activities are planned by the month and include crafts, games, reading materials and even manicures.

Admission Criteria

Patients at the Subacute Rehabilitation Center must:

  • Be medically stable
  • Require daily therapy and/or skilled nursing care
  • Have firm discharge plans
  • Have a 72-hour minimum acute care stay
  • Have completed a tuberculin test (PPD)

The Subacute Rehabilitation Center accepts referrals from other area hospitals and physicians.

Our staff would be more than happy to take you on a tour of our unit and answer any questions you have may have. For more information, call 803-296-5963.