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Palmetto Health Counseling

Life isn't always easy...

Sometimes life gets too complicated for us to deal with all alone. When this happens we need to tThopughtful Teenalk to someone who has an objective viewpoint — someone who asks questions we may have overlooked or offers insights we have not considered.

At Palmetto Health Counseling, we provide services to you and your family when you are faced with difficult personal, marital, family, spiritual or job related issues. We also integrate the insights and methods of behavioral sciences with a sound spiritual understanding of life to help you and your family grow.

Our staff are also experienced and state licensed to provide you with a wide range of counseling, education and consultation services. We offer specialization and resources to address your needs.

What is Spiritually Integrated Counseling?

Spiritually integrated counseling is offered as a resource to those who want to find ways to integrate their beliefs and faith as they face life's struggles and challenges. This counseling relationship helps integrates the spiritual, emotional and physical dimensions of a person's life. Individuals receiving spiritually integrated counseling often are able to grow in the areas of problem-solving, interpersonal communication and coping with life's disappointments and surprises.


To make an appointment, call the center located closest to you. Requests for appointments will be handled promptly and confidentially.

What Does It Cost?

A fee is charged per session for counseling services provided to clients. Insurance can be used to pay for services if deductibles and co-payments are met.  

Our Mission

To provide quality counseling and programs that strengthen the spiritual, emotional, and physical health of individuals, families, and communities we serve.