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Zoo Walkers

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Whether you roar Good Morning to lions from Africa, spend your lunch time in the botanical gardens or your afternoon in the rainforests of South America, the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden can provide a safe, entertaining and educational environment for exercise.

To promote good health, Palmetto Health Baptist and Riverbanks Zoo and Garden have joined together to offer Zoo Walkers, a health education and exercise program just for older adults.


Make Exercise An Adventure
Riverbanks provides a safe and interesting place for older adults with many well-paved footpaths essential for walking. Enjoy meeting new friends of all species while participating in one of the safest forms of exercise. With a minimal risk of injury, walking requires nothing more than a good pair of walking shoes and comfortable attire.

Membership in Zoo Walkers provides a variety of benefits including free entry to the Zoo and Garden, early entry to the Zoo, free monthly meetings, free blood pressure checks, walking incentives and all the benefits of membership in Riverbanks Zoo and Garden and PrimeTimes of Baptist Medical Center.


The monthly meeting is a favorite of many Zoo Walkers. Speakers from Palmetto Health and the Zoo pr esent a wide variety of topics including healthcare issues and topics related to animals and plants.

Zoo Walkers also earn incentives while walking. Several members have logged more than 5000 zoo miles.  Zoo walker pins are earned for the first 100 miles and a bar is given for each 1000 mile increment.   

All participants in Zoo Walkers must be members of the Riverbanks Society and PrimeTimes of Palmetto Health Baptist. Membership in Riverbanks Society begins at $39 per year for an individual membership.

For additional information on the Zoo Walkers program, please call us at (803) 296-5978 or click here to send us an e-mail.

All photos courtesy of the Riverbanks Zoo.