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Application Process

Applications should be mailed to the attention of the following individuals based on the program being applied for:

Stephen Robinson if applying for Residency, Summer or Extended CPE. You may e-mail inquiries to:

We are currently taking applications for:

  • 2014 Spring Extended Unit
  • 2014 Summer Intern Unit
  • 2014–2015 CPE Residency

We are not currently taking applications for a 2nd Year Residency.

Ralph Garofano if applying for an Supervisory Education Resident (SES) position. You may e-mail inquiries to:

We currently have an opening for a SES position, and we are processing applications at this time.  Interviews will begin in November.

Please send written applications to:
Attn: (insert name from list above)
Palmetto Health Baptist Chaplaincy & Pastoral Education
Taylor & Marion Streets
Columbia, SC 29220

Phone inquiries:
(803) 296-5455
(803) 296-5061 (fax)