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Program Information

There are a several program options within Clinical Pastoral Education to suit individuals' needs and schedules. Program offerings include:

  • Summer internship
  • Full time residencies
  • Extended (or part-time) program
  • Supervisor Residency

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Detailed program information is as follows:

Summer Intern

1 unit of CPE

Late May – Mid August

The CPE Summer Intern program is an 11 week, full-time intense program of study primarily designed to introduce seminary students to the clinical method of learning and to provide an opportunity to complement their theological studies with the practice of ministry. Interns are assigned as chaplains interns within the various placements available through Palmetto Health. There they gain hands-on experiences that facilitate reflection in pastoral identity formation and development and pastoral theology. Interns also participate in the on-call rotation for overnight and weekend duty and for chapel leadership.

Fifteen stipend positions for summer interns are available for Palmetto Health placements, and an additional five stipend positions are normally offered through a partnership with the Lutheran Homes of South Carolina for placement at the Lowman Home. After acceptance into the program, interns must process through Human Resources and Healthworks (occupational health) for clearance and orientation prior to the start of the summer unit. Interns are eligible for one day of Paid Time Off (PTO) during the 11-week term. Applicants must participate in an on-site interview or provide a written interview summary from a CPE admissions interview. Applicants are encouraged to apply by January 15th.

Tuition: $400 plus $100 administrative fee due prior to the beginning of the unit

Clinical Pastoral Education Residency Programs

The CPE Residency program offers 15 full-time stipend positions for first- or second-year residencies for clergy and qualified lay people in an intense experience designed to:  

  • Prepare individuals for professional chaplaincy  
  • Improve pastoral skills for parish ministry 
  • Prepare individuals for other specialized ministries outside the local church 
  • Ability to be a self-starter; ownership of learning process 
  • Develop interpersonal and group leadership skills 
  • Develop skills in pastoral research during second year fellowship 

Residency I

One Year (4 units): August – August annually

The first year residency year is divided into four units of CPE, each with a distinct curriculum focusing on the learning needs of the peer group. First-year residents rotate through a variety of clinical placements. Residents are given input into clinical placements, supervisory assignments and seminar design as the year progresses. Residents participate in the on-call rotation serving as the on-site chaplain on call during nights and weekends.

Tuition: $1,175 ($350 first unit, $275 each successive unit) due prior to the beginning of each unit.


Resident II: Fellowship

One Year (2 units)

The Fellowship Resident year is open to people who have successfully completed a first year residency either at our center or other accredited ACPE centers. The Fellows remain in one clinical site for the twelve-month period, earning two units of Level II CPE and engaging in a structured pastoral research project in the area of their clinical specialty. Research methodology is added to level II CPE curriculum. Research projects are to result in an article of publishable quality by year-end, and are presented orally to faculty and students during the summer.

Tuition: $800 ($400–unit 1; $400–unit 2) due prior to the beginning of each unit.

Extended Hospital/Parish Units (part-time)

The Extended CPE program is designed for lay leaders and ordained clergy who desire additional theological training connected to their present ministry and vocational setting. This program is designed for parish ministers (pastors, ministers of music, youth, children, etc.) and lay leaders involved in voluntary or paid leadership positions. It is also open to parish nurses, social workers, teachers or others who want to reflect theologically about their particular call.

The Extended CPE program meets one or two days per week for 18 weeks, providing 8 hours per week of structured educational curriculum and supervision. Each student is required to perform an additional 12 hours per week in pastoral care comprised of ministry performed in their parish setting and/or as a volunteer chaplain in the hospital or hospice. The program also requires participation in the on-call rotation at the host institution and chapel leadership.

Applications for the 2015 Winter/Spring extended until will be accepted until Friday, Dec. 19, 2014.

Tuition: $400 due prior to the beginning of the unit.


Supervisory Residency

Palmetto Health has provisions for up to three stipend Supervisory Residency Positions. A Supervisor-in-Training (SIT) spends part of his or her time involved in pastoral ministry as a specialty area chaplain and devotes remaining time to learning the art of pastoral supervision. SITs move through the certification process at their own pace within center guidelines, with the curriculum redesigned to meet their particular training and certification needs.

The goal of the residency program is certification as an Associate Supervisor within the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE). Since certification at the Associate level normally takes between 2.5 and 4 years, the Supervisory resident contract is entered in yearlong segments. Once accepted into Supervisory CPE, the resident is re-interviewed each year for contract renewal. SITs participate in the on-call rotation, attend department staff meetings, and participate in subregional Supervisory Education consultation groups. Supervisory Residents are eligible for 21 days of Paid Time Off (PTO) per year.

All formal requirements necessary for certification as a Candidate are necessary as requirements for admission into Supervisory CPE These include ordination, current ecclesiastical endorsement, pastoral experience and a solid sense of pastoral identity, M.Div. or equivalent, and completion of at least six units of CPE (or four units if Board Certified Chaplain through APC or NACC).

Tuition: $800 ($300 first unit; $250 each successive unit) due prior to the beginning of each unit. Three units per year.