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Your Child Deserves a Healthy Start!  

The building blocks to give your baby the healthy start he or she deserves can begin with Palmetto Healthy Start. To enroll in our program is as easy as A B C. To be eligible you must be pregnant and also live in Richland, Fairfield, Lexington or Sumter County. To enroll for Richland/Fairfield please call 803-296-3780 or toll-free 888-788-4367 and Lexington/Sumter 803-905-4343 Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m. to make sure you qualify TODAY. This is a free service.

Healthy Start's friendly staff will support you throughout your pregnancy and through your child's second birthday. Palmetto Healthy Start provides many helpful services for you and your baby. These services include:  

  • Evaluation of social and environmental needs  
  • Coordination of needed care and services  
  • Home visitation service  
  • Physician referrals for pregnant women and infants  
  • Parenting and Repeat Pregnancy Education  
  • Monthly community support group meetings  
  • Increased availability of OB and pediatric providers  
  • Access to comprehensive substance abuse evaluation and treatment services  
  • Fatherhood/Male Involvement Initiative 
  • Childbirth and infant CPR classes  
  • Oral health services  

Outreach Activities
Outreach activities are conducted to ensure that participants receive appropriate prenatal care, keep scheduled appointments, are provided education, and are referred to needed resources.  Those activities are performed by:

        Outreach Team

  • Community Advocates who work with community leaders, businesses, schools and other organizations to spread the word about Healthy Start, facilitate pregnancy prevention, repeat pregnancy prevention and parenting education classes, promote the male involvement initiative, schedule and coordinate monthly educational community meetings, and participate in community activities and health fairs. 
  • Resource Mothers who provide education through monthly home visits, telephone calls and mailouts to discuss pregnancy, fetal development, parenting, and the need for good health care.  They also refer participants to needed resources and services as well as serving as teachers, facilitators, role models, reinforcers and friends. 
  • Nurse Educators conduct childbirth classes. 
  • Social Workers and Other Professional Staff supervise care coordination services and provide crisis stabilization.
  • Registered Nurse who manages direct care services.

Consortium Activities
The consortium is a formal organization of Palmetto Healthy Start participants, community leaders, consumers, and public and private sector entities that have joined together to provide guidance and mobilize local resources. It was created for service providers and the community to meet and discuss solutions/recommendations to better educate the community on health-related issues. 

PHS collaborates with various organizations to identify gaps in services to better serve the community.  Additionallly, PHS also collaborates with recreational centers/faith-based organizations to educate the community through utilizing their facilities to conduct health events/activities throughout the year.

Education and Training Activities
Palmetto Healty Start provides education and training activities to three main groups: Service Providers, Participants, and the Community.

  • Parenting and Repeat Pregnancy Prevention Initiative – The Repeat Pregnancy Prevention Initiative is designed to help pregnant and parenting teens develop a positive self-image, learn valuable life skills, establish future goals and make healthy choices through role play, group discussion and community services.  This initiative also encourages appropriate prenatal care and parenting skills for the care of the infant/child. These sessions are held weekly or bi-weekly and focus on positive life issues such as career development, family relationships, health education and self-esteem.
  • Oral Health Services – A collaboration between Palmetto Health Women's Center (PHWC), Family Service Center (FSC)-Adult Dental Clinic and Palmetto Healthy Start. Women, receiving OB services at Palmetto Health Women's Center, who screen positive for periodontitis or gingivitis, are provided treatment and follow-up care at the Family Service Center Adult Dental Clinic. (services provided to PHWC patients only)
  • Palmetto Healthy Start Childbirth Education Classes – Provides three, four-hour sessions per month to constitute one childbirth education series. The third session each month will include: Infant CPR, newborn care and parenting. Each class will begin at 5 p.m. and end at 9 p.m. Classes are held at Palmetto Health Richland, Nine Medical Park, Suite 130. To register, contact CareCall at 803-296-2273.
  • Lunch, Learn & Earn ("Stork's Nest") – Support group for PHS participants that focuses on the importance of prenatal care, pregnancy do's and don'ts, nutrition, premature labor warning signs, infant care and parenting. Participants that complete the sessions will receive free baby items from "Stork's Nest" gift shop.
    • Richland/Fairfield sessions are held the third Wednesday of every month at 1010 Pine Street (Zeta Phi Beta Sorority House) from 11:30 a.m.–1 p.m. To register, contact your Resource Mother at 803-296-3780.
    • Lexington sessions are held the third Wednesday of every month at 1070 South Lake Drive (Lexington County Health Department) from 12:00-1:30 p.m. To register, call 803-296-3775.
    • Sumter sessions are held the fourth Wednesday of every month at 2625 - A Hardee Court (Palmetto Healthy Start Sumter Office) from  5–6 p.m.  To register, contact your Resource Mother at 803-905-4343.
  • Safe Sleep –The Cribs for Kids Safe Sleep Class is designed for parents-to-be and parents of infants under a year old.  This class teaches parents what steps can be taken to help lower the risk of SIDS and how to provide a safe sleep envirnoment. Sessions are held the third Thursday of every month at 7 Ricland Medical Park (Children's Hospital) from 6–7:30 p.m. To register, call 803-296-5437 (KIDS)
  • Fatherhood Initiative – Fatherhood initiative is focused toward men that are fathers or expected fathers. This initiative is currently working with fathers by providing information and links to resources and services in the community, to include relationship skills, employment leads, educational referrals and health services.
  • Child Passenger Safety Class – Safe Kids Midlands, led by Children's Hospital, offers a child passenger safety class.  Participants will view a child passenger safety video, learn the proper way to install infant and booster child safety seats and, finally, demonstrate their new knowledge.  Sessions are held fourth Wednesday of every month at 7 Richland Medical Park (Atrium/Derrick Classroom) from 6–7:30 p.m. To register, call 803-296-5437 (KIDS) or 803-296-2273 (CARE). 
  • Community Consortium Meetings – meetings held bi-annually for local organizations/agencies, participants and the community that address health issues from the community at large

Volunteer Services

Throughout the year, Palmetto Healthy Start recruits volunteers to assist with providing services to our participants as well as those in our communities. If interested, please contact Palmetto Healthy Start at 803-296-3780