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Teen Talk - School Program


High School Teen Talk Sessions

Teens, do you have concerns? Would you like an opportunity to discuss what's on your mind? Come talk it out in Teen Talk!

Palmetto Health encourages teens to make good choices by sponsoring weekly Teen Talk sessions during lunch at high schools in Richland and Lexington counties. Topics for discussion include:

  • Self-esteem 
  • Decision Making
  • Communication
  • Media Influence
  • Diseases and Myths
  • Responsibility and Accountability

Sound interesting?
Read what other Teen Talk participants have to say:

"Honestly, Teen Talk has taught me how to successfully deal with conflicts. It helped me become aware of the people I surround myself with. It felt good to get together and talk about everyday teen life. We as teens have a lot to deal with, such as making big decisions that will affect every day of our future. We have to deal with drugs, pregnancy, gaining self-esteem, grades, sex and defining yourself. Teen Talk helped ... a lot."
K. B.
Keenan High School

"Teen Talk has a huge impact on my life. I have had the pleasure of being in this program for two years. We talk about everything. We have respect for ourselves and our peers. We also have trust in our sponsor, Ms. Tammy. For some reason we can talk to her about everything!

In January I lost my best friend, my mom. I thought it was the end of the world. There were so many things we discussed, but also so many things left unanswered. My peers and Ms. Tammy were right there by my side. Just like my mother, Ms. Tammy has been able to provide insight on real life situations. I am able to speak with her about everything. I don't know what I would do without the Teen Talk program. It has shaped me into a respected and respectable female by expressing to me the importance of having high self-esteem, believing in yourself, and standing up for what you believe in. Thanks so much."
C. L.
Keenan High School

"Teen Talk was and still is a big help in my life ever since last year. I've been having less and less problems. I've learned to overlook some things while knowing how to deal with others. Thanks Teen Talk!"
Keenan High School

Teen Talk Sites
If you don't see your school listed below, have your guidance counselor contact 296-3764 to request Teen Talk at your school.  

A.C. Flora High School  
Airport High School  
Alcorn Middle School  
Blythewood Academy  
Blythewood High School 
Blythewood Middle School 
Brookland-Cayce High School 
CA Johnson High School  
Columbia High School  
Crayton Middle School  
Dent Middle School  
Dreher High School  
Eau Claire High School 
Gibbes Middle School  
Hand Middle School
Heathwood Hall Episcopal School
Hopkins Middle School
Irmo High School
Keenan High School
Lexington High School
Lower Richland High School
Midlands Math & Business Academy
Olympia School
Richland Northeast High School
Ridgeview High School
Spring Valley High School
Southeast Middle School
St. Andrews Middle School
W. A. Perry Middle School
White Knoll High School

Teen Talk After-School Programs
Longleaf Middle School Boys & Girls Club 
Dent Middle School Boys & Girls Club
Ben Arnold Boys & Girls Club

Community Teen Talk
Palmetto Health staff is available to provide Teen Talk sessions to your community group or organization. See if Teen Talk is coming to your area. Call 296-2273 for more information or e-mail us.