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Teen Talk Newsletter

Who says being a teenager is all fun and games? Sometimes, being a teen is not always what it is cracked up to be. Your teen years can be stressful if you are dealing with stuff like acne, peer pressure, eating disorders, dating and poor self-esteem. Everyone has problems, but what matters most is how you handle those not-so-easy situations.

Palmetto Health understands that teens have questions and concerns about their physical and emotional health. It is important that you receive accurate information about the issues that matter to you. This website is designed to provide you with factual health information and reliable sources if you need additional help. This page is an index of TeenTalk Newsletters written by Palmetto Health professionals.

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August 2012 – SAT vs. ACT: Which test is better for you?
July 2012 – A Different World: The REAL College Life                                                                   
June 2012 – A New You                                                                                                                       
May 2012 – Dating and Waiting: Palmetto Health Teen Summit 2012                                      
April 2012 – Teen Talk Debate: Should Girls Ask Boys Out?                                                     
March 2012 – Fun in the Sun!                                                                                                   
February 2012 – He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
January 2012 – Cha-Ching! Teen Budgeting Tips for the New Year                                        December 2011 – Healthy You, Healthy Me
November 2011 – Times Up!: Time Management for                                                             
October 2011 – It's Almost here...The SC State Fair!  
September 2011 – Surf's Up! Safe Cyber Surfing Tips                                                            
August 2011 – All Abord the Teen Talk Train!                                                                                
June 2011 – You're Stressin Me Out!                                                                                               
April 2011 – True Friendship: Is it the Real Deal or a Fakeoff? 
March 2011 – College Prep 101                                                                                               
February 2011 – 16 and Not Pregnant!                                                                                  
January 2011 – What's On Your Plate For The New Year!                                             
December 2010 – Are You Ready for 2011?                                                                   
November 2010 – Be Your Own Reality Star!                                                                              
October 2010 – Give Back to Get Back
September 2010 – Special Edition: Getting Over the Back-to-School Blues
September 2010 – All Aboard the Teen Talk Train!
July 2010 – Teen Summit 2010: Realiteen Back and Better Than Ever
June 2010 – Summer 101: Preparing for College
April 2010 – Friend or Foe: Fighting with Friends
March 2010 – Don't Be Tardy For the Party! Prom 2010 Dos and Don'ts
February 2010 – Teen Love: Is it Real Love?
January 2010 – Living Apart Together
December 2009 – Get Your
Flash-on: Teen Fashion Tips 
November 2009 – Dating 101: Are you Ready?
September 2009 – Dying for The Perfect Body
August 2009 – All Aboard the Teen Talk Train!
July 2009 – Putting the Fun Back In Your Summer
June 2009 – Help! Surviving the T-E-E-N-S 
May 2009 – Love Doesn't Hurt
April 2009 – Get Your Swagger On 
March 2009 – Encouraging A Drug-Free Me! 
February 2009 – I Resolve to Be Healthy!
January 2009 – U R Priceless! Value Yourself.