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Teen Reach

Welcome to Teen Reach! Chapel with two people

As a community leader, you have the opportunity to transform the lives of many young people. Now more than ever, teens need reliable, dependable, and dedicated individuals who are able and willing to help them reach their highest level of success. Lend your helping hand!

Teen Reach is not just another sex education program.

Palmetto Health believes in abstinence-first, age-appropriate, comprehensive sexuality education. Since 2002, a number of community leaders have responded to our offer of support and have participated in the Teen Reach Program with fantastic results! Because we are convinced of the importance of the community in our teen pregnancy prevention efforts, we are inviting all faith and civic organizations to incorporate teen pregnancy prevention lessons in their existing youth programs. Organizations may opt to use members of the faith or civic organizations to facilitate lessons or invite one of our trained Community Advocates. Lessons are available on a variety of topics, including friendship, values, teen pregnancy, drugs and decision-making.

Please note: Organizations that use members from within their organization will receive a $50 incentive for lesson materials and/or session snacks. Funds may not be used to pay staff or lesson facilitators.

Program Guidelines

Requests will only be accepted from churches or civic organizations in Richland and Lexington counties. Organizations must have the capacity and experience to fulfill the following program requirements:

  • Educational sessions must be conducted on topics related to healthy relationships (with peers, parents, and partners), pregnancy prevention, and STD/HIV prevention.
  • Sessions are a minimum of one hour and must contain at least 15 individuals (youth and/or adults).
  • Use the lessons and session evaluations provided or approved by Palmetto Health.
  • Event information (sign-in sheets and session notes) must be received within two weeks after the scheduled event.

Service Request Form should be returned or faxed to the following address.

Maternal & Child Health Initiative
Office of Community Health
Palmetto Health
Post Office Box 2266
Columbia, SC  29202-2266
Fax: 803.296.3777

Palmetto Health Office of Community Health Maternal and Child Health Initiative also reserves the right to decline requests and conduct site visits. 

If you have questions, please e-mail or call Kimberly Butler at 803.296.3769.