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Teen Health Information

In the United States and South Carolina the teen pregnancy rate is nearly six times higher than that in the Netherlands, four times higher than the rate in France and five times higher than the rate in Germany.

Fifty-six percent of South Carolina high school students surveyed have had sexual intercourse. By the time they are seniors this figure increases to 71 percent.

Fewer than 4 in 10 teen mothers who begin their families before age 18 ever complete high school.

Children of teen mothers are 50 percent more likely to repeat a grade, less likely to complete high school, and the daughters of teen parents are 22 percent more likely to become teen mothers themselves.

South Carolina ranks 49th in graduation rate.

Each baby born to a South Carolina teen costs taxpayers almost $22,000 per year.

Approximately 1 in 7 sexually active males age 15-19 report they have gotten someone pregnant.

Sons of teen mothers are 13 percent more likely to end up in prison.

Thirty-three percent of teenage marriages formed before the bride is 18 years old end in divorce within five years and almost 50 percent dissolve within 10 years.

Who says being a teenager is all fun and games? Sometimes, being a teen isn't always what it's cracked up to be. Your teen years can be stressful if you're dealing with stuff like acne, peer pressure, eating disorders, dating and poor self-esteem. Everyone has problems, but what matters most is how you handle those not-so-easy situations.

Palmetto Health understands that teens have questions and concerns about their physical and emotional health. It's important that you receive accurate information about the issues that matter to you. This website is designed to provide you with factual health information and reliable sources if you need additional help. This page is an index of printable documents that are written by Palmetto Health professionals concerning the physical and emotional health of teens.

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Acne – What is acne and how do you fight it?

Dating – Learn about crushes, get dating advice and find out how to deal with break-ups.

Eating Disorders – What are eating disorders and how can you tell if you or someone you know has one?

Peer Pressure – Learn how to handle peer pressure. What is the difference between negative and positive peer pressure?

Relationships – Find out how to communicate with parents, friends, teachers and siblings.

Self Esteem/DepressionLearn how to deal with criticism and how to make good decisions. What are the signs of depression?

STDs/AIDS – What are sexually transmitted diseases and how do you prevent them

Stress  – Understanding and dealing with stress

Substance Abuse – What are the dangers of experimenting with drugs, alcohol or tobacco products?

Teen Pregnancy – Facts and statistics about teen pregnancy

Weight/Diet – How to know if you're overweight. What is the proper way to lose/gain weight?