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Richland Laboratory Services

Palmetto Health Laboratory Medical Professional Services Medical direction of the Laboratory is provided by Professional Pathology Services, PC, under the leadership of Dr. Paul L. Guerry. This organization has guided pathology services at Palmetto Health Richland through a quarter century of advances in medicine with progressive growth in testing variety, volume and sophistication.

All pathologists are certified by the American Board of Pathology and provide subspecialty certification/qualification in the following disciplines: cytopathology, blood banking/transfusion medicine, dermatopathology, forensic medicine, hematopathology, immunopathology, and neuropathology. Further, the members provide in-depth expertise in the pathologies of: bone, endocrine, glands, infectious disease, breast, flow cytometry, liver, coagulation, forensic photography, microbiology, eye, gastrointestinal tract, molecular diagnostics, kidney, gynecologic systems, soft tissues, and prostate.

Members of the medical staff have teaching appointments in various medical schools and law school departments and for more than twenty years have provided forensic pathology coverage for Richland County. The group has a well-established history of closely working with clinical colleagues as well as serving in leadership positions in various professional associations and groups throughout South Carolina. Office: 803-434-6405

Medical Staff

 Robert F. Bradley, M.D.  Kenneth F. Grant, M.D.
 Ronald G. Burns, M.D.  William V. Lewis, M.D.
 Atwell Coleman, III, M.D.  Paul L. Guerry, III, M.D.
 Amy M. Durso, M.D.  Bradley J. Marcus, M.D.
 Jacqueline A. Emery, M.D.  Sarah G. Williams, M.D.
 Larry D. Grant, M.D.  Geoffrey Turner, M.D.
 Kathryn Rizzo, M.D.  

Complementing its hospital base, Professional Pathology Services has an associated freestanding cytopathology laboratory and surgical pathology/dermatopathology laboratory. For more information visit the following website: