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News Releases
Richland's Willow Oak Trees Recognized
Palmetto Health Richland’s Willow Oaks Recognized by the City of Columbia Forestry and Beautification Division as Part of Their Treasured Tree Program

Palmetto Health Richland’s willow oaks were recently recognized by the City of Columbia Forestry and Beautification division as a part of their Treasured Trees Program. As part of a joint project by the Columbia Tree and Appearance Commission and the Columbia Garden Club, the program is designed to document and preserve trees with significant value to the Midlands area. Trees are selected based on their superior size, historical background, sentimental value and scarcity of species. Groups of trees also are eligible for selection when their plurality contributes to their significance.

The willow oaks are located on the Palmetto Health Richland campus in the front of the main hospital building and along Harden Street Extension. The trees were selected for their many benefits to both the community and the environment.

“Having trees like these is important for a number of reasons,” said Kevin Derrick, grounds superintendent at Palmetto Health Richland. “It helps us maintain a natural, suburban appearance while providing shade to our patients and visitors as they walk from the parking area to the hospital. The Willow Oaks along Harden Street help prevent the ground from becoming overly exposed to extremely hot and dry weather.”

The trees were recognized at the South Carolina Governor's Mansion. The award was presented by the Columbia Tree and Appearance Commission, the Columbia Garden Club, The State newspaper and the City of Columbia.