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A healthy game plan for Super Bowl Sunday
What is your game plan this Super Bowl Sunday? For most folks it involves a couch, a cold beverage, snacks and remote control all within arm’s length. This Super Bowl Sunday, try something different. Put on your best defense and stick to a heart-healthy eating plan.

Home field advantage.
If hosting a Super Bowl party, consider some healthy substitutions for your favorite football fare. “The changes you can make are simple and won’t sacrifice flavor,” says Palmetto Health Heart Hospital registered dietitian Colleen Wracker. “Buy baked chips instead of the normal chips and tortillas, maybe even substitute pretzels for the chips. Instead of buying a can of salty mixed nuts, try making your own snack mix with almonds, raisins and dry cereal.”

If you love wings, try the hot wings from Morningstar Farms™. Or you can make you own Southern barbeque using pork tenderloin and low-fat ingredients for sauce.

Wracker also suggests serving healthy finger foods like colorful, raw vegetables with low-fat dip or salad dressing. Replace regular crackers with the new zero trans-fat variety by Kashi®. Top with low-fat cheese or bean dip.

Road game.
Here the game plan can get complicated. If you’re playing on someone else’s turf, offer to bring something healthy to share like a vegetable or fruit platter. Also, eat before you arrive to curb your appetite. If you cannot resist the snacks, opt for any low-calorie, low-fat snacks available. Most important, watch your portion size.

“It’s very easy to mindlessly eat and drink in front of the television for hours,” says Wracker. “Control your portions. Walk away from the snack table and eat only from your plate. And don’t go back for seconds.”

Also, keep an eye on how much soda or beer you drink. These beverages quickly dehydrate you. Opt for diet soda, carbonated flavored water, or just plain water. If drinking alcohol or caffeinated beverages, keep a cup of water nearby to rehydrate yourself.

Avoid the penalty.
Stick to your game plan and play heart smart. These healthy eating choices, which can be applied at any party year round, will help curb your risk of heart disease, but also fight high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

Southern Barbeque:
The Healthy Way
16 oz. pork tenderloin, lean
15 oz. tomato sauce, canned
1/3 cup cider vinegar
2/3 cup white wine vinegar
2 oz. Liquid Smoke® flavoring
1/2 teaspoon Dijon mustard
3 garlic cloves
2 tablespoons brown sugar

Mix barbecue sauce ingredients, cook for about 7-10 minutes until all brown sugar is dissolved. Brush sauce over tenderloin and place in cooking bag.

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Cook tenderloin according to cooking bag instructions, based on weight. Cook approximately 35-40 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 165 degrees.

Chop meat, add barbeque sauce and serve.

Yield: About 8 servings
Each serving approximately 228 calories; 5.4 grams fat; 767 mg sodium; 84 mg cholesterol. grams fat; 767 mg sodium; 84 mg cholesterol.