PHPP Emergency Cardex

It is vital to the safety of your staff and patients to review the following Emergency Cardex which contains information pertaining to emergency codes, emergency response, water failure, loss of heating or cooling, medical equipment failure and much more:

 Employee Health

HealthWorks is Palmetto Health's employee health department and an occupational and preventive healthcare provider for other South Carolina employers. From health assessments to workers' compensation care, HealthWorks meets a wide variety of employee health care needs and conducts consultative/education services for managers and staff.

Baptist (803) 296-5995  FAX (803) 296-5878

Angie Davis Screening Specialist 296-5723
Dr. Will Floyd Medical Director 296-5122
Betty Hill Occupational Health Nurse 296-5122 
Teresa Rhymer Workers Comp Case Manager 296-5873
Angela Smith Administrative Associate 296-5197
Jean Wall Employee Health Nurse 296-5361

Richland (803) 434-7442  FAX (803) 434-3587

Jeff Cowley Employee Health Manager 296-2310
Debby Harden Worker's Comp Case Manager 434-2877
Libby Holland Employee Health LPN 434-2682
Jennifer Poole Employee Health LPN 434-8095
Glenda Sapp Administrative Associate 434-7145
Julie Welch PA/Clinic Provider 434-5551
Joyce Wise Employee Health Nurse 434-7583
Elaine Zornow Business Analyst 296-3555

 Emergency Management

Palmetto Health Emergency Management coordinates the mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery to events that pose an immediate danger to the health and safety of our patients, staff, and visitors through the effective use of the Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) and Emergency Operation Plans.

Emergency Preparedness Coordinators are available at each facility to assist you with any emergency preparedness needs or issues.


Baptist Campus:

Mary Watson

Office: 296-5294

 KH picKaren Hutto.jpg

Richland Campus:

Karen Hutto

Office: 434-7065

 Emergency Evacuation in Ambulatory Practices:

  • Designate a meeting place outside the building and ensure that all staff members are aware of the location.
  • Charge person should be able to verify all staff and patients are accounted for.