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Welcome to Palmetto Health's On-line Physician Orientation.

As a new medical staff member, Palmetto Health's expectation is for you to complete two components (an on-line segment and an on-site segment) of a comprehensive orientation to our hospitals. The orientation process is designed to meet regulatory compliance requirements linked to the initial application process and provide new medical staff members with an overview of our services, systems and processes, ensuring that you have knowledge of and access to available resources. The orientation program was designed to be respectful of your time and involvement. 

John J. Singerling III became president of Palmetto Health on October 12, 2010. Stan Hickson was named Interim Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Palmetto Health Richland.

Please note the orientation video cannot be fast forwarded or rewound once begun. If you do need to stop the presentation, you will need to restart and begin again.

Once the video has finished, please complete the On-line Orientation Confirmation page by clicking on the submit button. This page will be sent to the Palmetto Health Medical Staff Offices(s) to be attached to your record.

Click here to begin the video.

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For assistance or questions, please call Linda Silver, Physician Relations Manager at (803) 296-5769.