Palmetto Health Baptist
Laboratory Testing Information List
CPT Code[s]: 86038

Methodology: Multiplex Bead Immunoassay  
Performed (Days): Mon, Wed, Fri  
Reported: Routine:48-72 hours Stat:N/A
Specimen Requirements: VENOUS: Collect one 5 mL gold SST HEMOGARD tube, required 2 mL blood. Plasma samples are unacceptable.
Outreach Transport: Allow SST tube to clot completely (20-30 minutes, but less than 1 hour) at room temperature. Centrifuge tube to separate serum from cells as soon as possible. Deliver at room temperature to the Laboratory as soon as possible.
Inpatient Transport: Deliver to the Laboratory as soon as possible.
Remarks: This is a qualitative screening of auto-antibodies dsDNA, Sjogrens- SSA & SSB, ENA- Sm & RNP, Histone, Scl 70, Centromere B and Jo-1. For quantitative determinations see Antinuclear Antibody Profile, Antinuclear Antibody Screen with Reflex or specific auto-antibodies.